B - Silken Caramel Mead (Honey Wine)

Blue Gypsy Wines


Silken Caramel Mead is our basic honey wine (mead) recipe dressed up with just enough caramel syrup to give it a light flavour that's as pleasing to the nose as it is to the tongue.

Based on an ancient recipe, the mead is aged for approximately 1 year before it is blended in small batches.  We use only the highest quality syrup to ensure a consistent flavour from one bottle to the next.

Caramel Mead is often enjoyed chilled or on it's own.  This wine pairs incredibly well with apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

Some of our customers have been known to put Caramel Mead, a scoop (or 2) of vanilla ice cream and a few slices of apple into a blender for a delicious adult smoothie.

750 ml - 11% alc