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Our Rwanda Project

Recently, we were approached by a lady named Petronilla seeking some advice and assistance with a project she was putting together.  After Claire and I discussed it for approximately 2 minutes, we decided to get involved. I want to share the project with you, not for the purposes of self-congratulations,...

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New stone on the driveway

Just a quick note to advise you to drive slowly on the the way up the laneway.  We just put down new gravel and it is still a bit loose.  Be extra careful if you are riding a motorcycle.

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Let the winemaking madness begin as soon as...

It's one of those weeks where I feel like Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh; running around in circles trying to get everything organized. It's time to start making the 2012 wild blueberry wine, but the production room still needs some work. I have buckets and barrels in there because I...

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For the love of fruit flies

It's inevitable. If you make wine, whether you make 5 gallons or 5000, you will get fruit flies. I still remember the first time I opened a fermenting barrel and was swarmed by the little beasts. I thought I was in a Hitchcock film! Faced with a bajillion fruit flies,...

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When vacation simply isn't enough

Ah vacation... back to reality It's really strange to be back after a week off. Strange because I'm tired, but my thoughts are still in the "I'll just take another nap this afternoon" mode even though that's really not a possibility today. Despite being 'on vacation', I still opened the...

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