A - Cranberry Wine

Blue Gypsy Wines


Cranberry wine is our most popular product.  Surprisingly smooth and slightly sweet; not tart.  Made from locally-sourced cranberries.

Perfect match with all poultry: Chicken, Turkey, Duck and Goose.  Try it with Pork.

If you are in a playful mood, pour 120 ml of wine into an open container and freeze until slushy.  Rim a daiquiri glass with sugar, put 2 scoops of cranberry wine slush in the glass and then, add 30 ml of vodka.  Stir gently.  Top with a drink umbrella.
For those who have an intolerance to red grape wines, our cranberry wine can be served anytime as a substitute. Consider it instead of Chianti or Merlot.  An excellent option at wedding reception tables.

750ml - 11% alc