We will no longer use Canada Post to ship Wine. Here's why...

As a result of our (final) poor experience with Canada Post, we will be using another carrier to deliver our wine in the future.
This may result in higher costs, but we will attempt to hold the same pricing to our customers.

When a company such as Canada Post pledges to provide a service, it is a reasonable expectation that they do so in a manner that displays integrity and a willingness to go the extra mile.

In the past 2 years, Canada Post has destroyed or damaged over 20 bottles of wine. This is approximately 1 in 4 shipments. Although we are charged for insurance (with no option to decline), we are unable to collect any of it because of Canada Post's rules regarding the shipment of fragile items. It should be noted that NO ITEM considered to be fragile is covered. Even if you buy insurance, you will not be compensated for loss or damage solely because it is fragile.

This situation proves to me that Canada Post does not have any confidence in its carriers and staff to handle parcels marked 'FRAGILE' with any level of care. This saddens me. It also angers me that Canada Post chooses to pass this cost of this incompetence on to its customers by refusing to compensate them for damage or loss THEY cause.

I have decided to write to the Minister (to be named) in charge of Canada Post and request that they look into this. I am tired of being 'ripped off' and I am tired of having my clients disappointed when their shipment is late, lost, or destroyed.

With the holiday season approaching, we hope you will consider choosing our wine as gifts for you, your friends, and your family. We promise to use another carrier to ensure that your gifts arrive on time and intact.

Thanks for your confidence.

Louis and Claire

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