Taking the time to play...

As hard as it may be for those who know me to believe, I am actually taking a few days off in August. Not the kind of "off" that includes renovations or blending, but actual down time; 3 FULL DAYS! Be still, it's only a temporary situation. We'll return to our regularly scheduled madness soon enough. The hardest part of running your own business is being able to take a step back and relax. As Claire has pointed out to me on numerous occasions, I really need to slow it down a bit, so I will. I'll still have the winery open on the weekend, albeit closing an hour early on Saturday Aug 4. Maybe next year, I'll be able to hire someone to run it for us while we're away, but I'm getting ahead of myself. ;-) Baby steps... must get past the mentality that we are the ONLY people on the planet who can offer tastings and sell wine at our winery. LOL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Louis Gaal is the winemaker (and spouse of the ever patient Claire Faguy) at Blue Gypsy Wines in Oxford Mills, Ontario Canada, 45 minutes south of Ottawa. You can find this raving lunatic using the BlueGypsyWines Facebook or Twitter account. Visit them on the web as well at www.BlueGypsyWines.com

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