eCommerce... there's always something, isn't there?

We noticed it Friday when a friend tried placing an order through the website. They got all the way through the process only to freeze at the payment step. (Well, the system did, not them...) It seems to have happened again to someone else on Sunday. I'm beginning to wonder if they were trying to order while the site was going through maintenance. I can't be certain, but these little gems are a pain, especially when you are trying to estabish yourself in the market place. I am the tech savvy one, but I admit that some of this stuff is beginning to go over my head. I often think it has to do with the fact that I simply don't have the time to study these issues the way I used to. BUT... then I tried it and it worked fine. However, I was shocked when the shipping calculator informed me that a case of wine would cost $158 to ship 1000 km. Thinking this might be an issue (yes, I am a sharp cookie), I decided to punch in the same info directly into Canada Post's online shipping tool. The result was a more reasonable $25. I think I need to talk to someone about that. Fortunately, I enabled another calculation method that uses the dollar value to calculate shipping and it's actually quite accurate. Plugins, widgets, sliders... Truth is though, the fancier an application gets, the harder they become to fix. The best example can be seen in new cars. I can't even GET to the oil filter on my car... Here is what I want: a simple shopping cart that doesn't annoy clients and simply let's them order and pay. Off to speak with the propeller heads about this... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Louis Gaal is the winemaker (and spouse of the ever patient Claire Faguy) at Blue Gypsy Wines in Oxford Mills, Ontario Canada, 45 minutes south of Ottawa. You can find this raving lunatic using the BlueGypsyWines Facebook or Twitter account. Visit them on the web as well at

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