Cheering the new World Trade Center tower

It's not wine related, but... I just wanted to give a shout out to my New York brothers and sisters as construction workers raise the last framing beam on the new tower at the World Trade Center site. Most don't know it, but we spent close to 8 years in New York, some of those years working in Manhattan. I was working in White Plains, NY, 40 miles from the towers, when they were attacked. It's a time I will never forget. Living in Poughkeepsie, the wineries of the Hudson Valley served as our inspiration to start Blue Gypsy. I still miss it to this day, especially Baldwin Wines. If you've never been to NYC, you need to go. The energy of Times Square at midnight, any day of the week, is amazing. From the diners to the Salsa or Jazz clubs, it's the place to be. The people are amazing. Never mind what you see on TV; it's a lie. New Yorkers are warm, compasionate people who LOVE their city. I saw it on 9/11 and many times prior and since. Hats off to you all. I look forward to visiting the new tower in 2013. Dedicated to Christine Olender RIP

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