It shouldn't be this difficult... get a debit transaction to work on wireless, especially when credit works beautifully. According to Roger's Tech Support, if I do this, this, this and this all will be well with my debit transactions. So far, they are mistaken. I am beginning to wonder how many sales I am going to lose over this issue. No, Rogers never promised that it would work, but they did assure me. To the credit (no pun intended) of the service provider, they said it doesn't work. Period. No expectations built up there. I now have a disclaimer on the website that this is an issue and am asking folks to bring a credit card along. According to our fairly unscientific survey: - less than 20% of our customers pay cash. - of the 80% who prefer to pay with cards, only about 25% offer their debit card first. - of those who offer debit first, 90% switch to a credit card or cash. - the remainder paid some other way. So far, no-one has walked away without something because of the debit issue. One person used a smartphone to transfer the money to us via Interac Transfer. Another used Paypal. Surely, there is a solution, but for now, only frustration.

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