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New stone on the driveway

Just a quick note to advise you to drive slowly on the the way up the laneway.  We just put down new gravel and it is still a bit loose.  Be extra careful if you are riding a motorcycle.

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Let the winemaking madness begin as soon as...

It's one of those weeks where I feel like Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh; running around in circles trying to get everything organized. It's time to start making the 2012 wild blueberry wine, but the production room still needs some work. I have buckets and barrels in there because I...

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For the love of fruit flies

It's inevitable. If you make wine, whether you make 5 gallons or 5000, you will get fruit flies. I still remember the first time I opened a fermenting barrel and was swarmed by the little beasts. I thought I was in a Hitchcock film! Faced with a bajillion fruit flies,...

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When vacation simply isn't enough

Ah vacation... back to reality It's really strange to be back after a week off. Strange because I'm tired, but my thoughts are still in the "I'll just take another nap this afternoon" mode even though that's really not a possibility today. Despite being 'on vacation', I still opened the...

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Taking the time to play...

As hard as it may be for those who know me to believe, I am actually taking a few days off in August. Not the kind of "off" that includes renovations or blending, but actual down time; 3 FULL DAYS! Be still, it's only a temporary situation. We'll return to...

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Blue Gypsy Wines News


We will be open until Nov 11, 2018 this year, weather permitting.

Our fall hours are Saturday from 11 to 4 and Sunday from noon to 4.

There are several special events planned this year, so check out our Facebook page for the latest details!

Remember, you never need to book, unless you're bringing a bus!

$5 gets you at least 5 samples and a souvenir wine glass.  You can reach Louis at 613-698-7685 with any questions.